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If you are struggling with getting real traffic to your website or have trouble converting traffic, Russel Brunson’s book titled “DotCom Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Growing Your Company Online” will show you how to convert new leads into profits. In this review we dicuss on how much relevant value this book can provide for you and for your business.

Who Is Russel Brunson?

Russell Brunson is a successful entrepreneur who started his own online company while wrestling at his alma mater Boise State University. Before his graduation from the Boise State University, Brunson already sold over a million dollars of his own services and products from his own basement!

Since his very first online company was a success, he has owned other companies, such as a software company, coaching company, and a supplement company. In addition, he’s one of the top affiliates in the world. This book was created to help struggling entrepreneurs worldwide to begin, promote and to grow their own companies on the Internet.

What’s in the book?

In the book, there are 5 different sections.

Section One; Ladders and Funnels

In this part of the book, Brunson talks about value ladders and funnels.

The Value Ladder

Brunson talks about his value ladder in DotComSecrets and how you should have each piece of that ladder in place to maximize your ROI and actually make a profit. New marketers don’t understand how to have a solid backend and they end up losing money on the frontend. If you put in $1000, you will not get the $1000 back from frontend sales. This turns into giving value upfront by delivering more value to your product. That’s how you can put more value on your product.

The value ladder is what you sell to your consumers. In order for us to use the example in the book, the value ladder for a dentist would look something like this:

  1. Teeth cleaning
  2. Whitening
  3. Retainer
  4. Cosmetic

Those 4 steps in this particular value ladder are examples of what a dentist can offer.

The customer arrives for a regular tooth cleaning. Then the dentist says that your teeth could be whitened a little bit. So he then up-sells you on teeth whitening. And then after the whitening, he up-sells the retainer by saying that you could benefit from the use of a retainer. And then, the dentist states that you can benefit from cosmetic dentistry.

Every step up the ladder, the price goes up and up. Think about your business and see what you can include in your value ladder.



In the remaining parts of this section, Russell tells you how to best go about starting your sales funnel(s).

A funnel moves people through the sales process. The aim is for visitors to enter the funnel and convert as many of them as possible and have them come back for more.

But before any of that happens, you have to first figure out who your dream customers are. Russell made it pretty clear in the book that without this knowledge, you will not succeed in running successful funnels.

I’m not going to spoil too much for you, but the last part of section one is “the three types of traffic”.

The three types of traffic are: 
1. Traffic you control.
2. Traffic you don’t control. 
3. Traffic you own.
Brunson later on goes into great detail on three types of traffic, so I suggest you check out the book for yourself.

Section Two; Your Communication / Follow-up Funnel

This part of the book explains about attractive character and what it means for your funnels (if you don’t have an attractive character, then your funnels won’t be successful).

Follow Up

The attractive character is someone consumers can relate too (i.e someone who was in a similar position as the consumer, or an influencer of sorts).

Brunson also explains about the proper emails you need to send to your consumers after they have signed up for your email list. He even gives you scripts!

Before he ends the chapter, he gives you his “daily Seinfeld sequence” for emails. Who doesn’t love Seinfeld?? This chapter turned out to be pure gold (figuratively), so again, I suggest you pick up a copy of the book to find out more!

Section Three; Leading Your Customers to the Sale (Over and Over Again)

Leading Your Customers to the Sale (Over and Over Again)

This section is all about funnels. How to create and manage them, how to use them in the best possible way so you can see the best results.

He also talks about the different types of funnels and the proper way to use each of those, where to place them, and he talks about the building blocks of a funnel which was really cool to see.

It was surprising to see just how much information he gave away in this section. He could’ve held himself back a little bit, but he went full throttle in providing all the necessary detail.

Section Four; Funnels and Scripts

This section discusses the different types of offers you can do for your funnels.

Do you know what else is written in this section? He gives more email scripts!

The scripts he gives work for the different types of funnels you run. For example; there is a special chapter in this part which is titled “The Perfect Webinar” and in that chapter, he gives you email scripts that work well for webinars which you are hosting.

Finally, he goes into greater detail about the different types of funnels (i.e front-end funnel, middle and value ladder funnel, and back-end funnels).

Section Five; Click funnels

In the last section, he shows you the power of Click-funnels. For those of you who don’t know what Click funnels is, it is simply a website where you can pick and choose templates for a funnel and edit it to your liking.


I would highly recommend this book if you’re interested in digital marketing. This was written by one of the best marketers and the book gives you a lot of the tools that you need to be successful in the online marketing world. 

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