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Clickfunnels Vs. Builderall

Are you still confused about which sales funnel platform you should use for your business’s list building, landing pages, squeeze pages and sales funnels? In this post, we will get in deep into Clickfunnels vs Builderall and the tools, features, and packages which they offer.

What is Builderall?

Builderall is an Ultimate Internet Marketing platform that provides you all the components that you’ll ever need to run a sustainable Online Business Builder.

It is perfect for small business and to the newbie in the business market. It focuses on creating website, setting up sales funnels , host webinar , making animated video , creating ios and android apps and also has access to SEO tools that will help you rank fast .

Features of Builderall

  • Pre-built sales funnels that could be edited.
  • Contains features to make responsive drag and drop websites and blogs.
  • Features to create a mobile application in both platforms (i.e. Android and Ios)
  • Functionality to host webinar sessions.
  • Features of creating animated videos and floating videos.
  • Provides the feature of premium local and CDN ( Content Distribution Network) hosting
  • Provides SSL.
  • Facebook Messenger chatbot
  • Flexibility to connect up to 15 domains.

What is ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels can be used to easily create a series of web pages that people have to navigate through in order to purchase a product or sign up to a webinar or an email list and you don’t need to know a single line of code.

ClickFunnels is popular and has been around in the market for many years since 2014. It has all-in-one business solutions like landing pages, highly converting salesfunnels and list building in its Etison suite plan only .

It is perfect for all business whether they be small or large as well as bloggers, agencies and freelacers. It is very easy to create your sales funnel to increase your sales and conversion with pre-built sales funnel and landing pages. You can also set up sales funnel for your products to use in your e-commerce business or build an affiliate program for your products or services.

Features of ClickFunnels

  • Create landing pages for your sales with an easy drag-and-drop editor.
  • Pre-built sales funnels that could be edited.
  • Send follow up emails and SMS messages.
  • Include memberships and logins in your site.
  • Design forms to gather the information you want.

Builderall VS ClickFunnels

These both tools are two of the bests in the market right now. Nevertheless, there remain few features which distinguishes both of them.


Though both of the tools come packed with similar features. There is a huge difference in the pricing. The “Digital Marketing” plan from builderall which includes all the features except the affiliate program costs $29.90 per month whereas the ClickFunnels costs $97 per month and only includes creating sales funnel.

The “Builderall Business” plan which has the affiliate program included costs $49.90 per month whereas the price for ClickFunnels with all the features and affiliate program costs $297 per month.
So, in the pricing segment, Builderall beats ClickFunnels with a huge margin.

Affiliate Program

It is certainly easier to make more money from Builderallas it has a two-tier commission-based system. Builderall provides a full 100% commission for the first month and 30% from the 2nd month. The two-tier commission makes it easier to generate passive income. ClickFunnels does not have a two-tier commission and provides only 30% commission from each sale. The pricing of Builderallis cheaper so it’s easier to make sales with Builderall compared with Click-Funnels.


Speed is one of the major concerns for a website because a slower response from a website would increase the bounce rate resulting in a lower number of sales. In the speed comparison between these two rivals, Builderallbeats ClickFunnels with a good margin. The load time for the Builderallwebsite was 2.12 seconds and ClickFunnels was 5.26 seconds. It makes it clear that Builderallis the winner in ClickFunnels vs Builderall.

Community and Support

What is the thing you expect after you buy a good system?

Community and Support

The answer is probably good support to clear out any confusions that could be encountered while using the system. For me, Builderallwins in this too. The support of Builderallis quite good with a 24×7 support system, the CEO of the system conducts webinar sessions every week to provide new information. ClickFunnels has a live chat which is yet to be implemented on the Builder all system.

Are they the same?

Clickfunnels and Builderall do have some features that are the same, but their overall goals are not quite the same. They do contain some similar features but each is for a different type of user.

Clickfunnels does have web page and landing page building features much like Builderall, but it is also geared heavily towards sales funnels and all that it entails.

Builder all has many of the same page building features, but it is geared towards building websites and having a presence on the web. It all depends on whether you are just selling a product or you want to build a website, an e-commerce site using Shopify-type sales, or you are looking to build up email lists.

If you just have a product to sell and you don’t need much more on the web other than getting the digital product and a sales page, then Clickfunnels may turn out to be better for you since it has the ability to do upsells, downsells, and abandoned cart emails.

Final Thoughts

These are all the reasons what made me use Builderall over ClickFunnels. Builderall is probably the perfect tool for a beginner as it is cheaper and comes with all the features. There are many marketers who are already making 6 figure income with Buiderall.

Builderall is a new system and has been changing the user interface frequently and bringing in new features with every system update. It is the easiest way to start your own business and uplift the financial standard. If an investment of $49.90 can change your life, what are you waiting for?

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