Expert Secrets Review

Expert Secrets: The Underground Playbook is a book written by Russel Brunson and is all about the most effective ways in which to share your message with an audience. This book is actually an epic collection of guides and tips that will help you discover and utilize your interest, skills, or talents to appeal to the mass audience and turn them into lifelong businesses. 

In fact, this book is so good that the author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki has put in a huge prologue for him. That being said, let’s review what the book is all about and the value which it can bring to you and your business.

What Is The Book About?

It provides a road map for you that will take you through a real-life journey to reveal what’s the one skill that’s hidden deep inside of you. If you believe that you’re not a person with many skills, this book will show you the fun and entertaining steps to help you recognize your wealth of ideas.

This book examines key topics related to marketing an online business successfully. The main concept which is discussed by Russell is “attracting your target audience to your value ladder”. 

This advice given will teach you how to convince your target audience the product or service you are offering is exactly what they need. ​The book also shows strategies which have been proven for achieving this by showing real-life examples, demonstrating how to bridge the gap between time, effort and money spent on adverts and successful sales campaigns.

Expert Secrets is a book which is all about making your following, your mass movement. How do you do this? By becoming the go-to expert in your niche and coming up with a message that can change someone else’s life.

This is not just something helpful for those who aim at selling info products, consulting or coaching, thought the book it’s devoted to them.

In the past years, I’ve seen many friends making significative revenues by importing products for cheap from China and reselling them on Amazon for a markup.

They’re now seeing diminishing returns. They can’t just launch new products which have no differentiation from others on the marketplace. Outranking those who already have many reviews, is getting harder and harder. It seems like the good old times are gone for them.

But at the same time, another thing happened.

Countless companies have been able to build communities around their brand and they’ve built multi-million dollar empires by doing that.

These brands apparently came out of nowhere and made it big.

The issue is, how can you achieve results which are similar?

Well, it’s all in Expert Secrets.

This touches every aspect that all these brands like Quest and Bulletproof leveraged to build great companies fast: a great character, a story, and other points that will differentiate your brand from the others, etc.

Who is Russell Brunson?

He’s an entrepreneur who’s the co-founder of a sales funnel software called Click funnels.

He was able to grow the company to become a multi figures business without the help of ventral capitalist.

Did I forget to mention that he’s recently closed a $3.9 million sale under 90 minutes?

He’s truly one of the best sales and internet marketing expert out there.

What is inside this book?

You get instructions that are broken down step-by-step into five sections and 22 secrets of the expert.

Beginning with section number one, you’ll learn what is an attractive character and what makes a charismatic leader. This is the foundation of everything onward, so pay close attention.

In section two, you’ll learn how to build trust with your customers and in yourself. This way, you’ll become the expert to guide everyone your way.

With section three teaching you how to break the ice and communicate with your audience. Talking on a moral obligation level, you can reach your customers and provide substantial dialogue.

Now that you’ve laid down the groundwork, section four will show you exactly how you can start bringing in some cash for your work.

Lastly, you are going to expand your business by maximizing each and every step of your sales funnel that you have created.

How did Expert Secrets come to be?

It was a very tough time for Russel Brunson and his friends as they were broke. So they came up with an idea of recording a step by step instructions video of how to make a potato gun.

Then all they did was to set up a small shopping website and sold it to many people who were interested in building a potato gun.

The whole process has been refined since then and it became the basis of Expert Secrets.

What are the people’s opinions on this book?

There’s just not enough people can say about this book.

Literally, anyone who’s never had a business experience can start one by following the book.

The strategies provided by it are just so useful: teaching you how to connect with customers on a personal level, instead of some gimmicky get rich quick scheme.

How much does it cost?

It’s normally sold on Amazon for $19.95, but you can get it for FREE through this link, you just have to pay for the shipping cost ($7.95).

Final Thoughts

The Expert Secrets Book provides you with an opportunity to access affordable but high-value business advice from someone who has a successful online business. Even if there is no immediate direct income which is associated with the book, the author promises​ the knowledge contained in the book will help improve your internet sales and marketing efforts, resulting in higher income.

Expert Secrets is a book worth investing in. If you are planning to improve your sales techniques,  internet marketing skills or income, this book contains valuable wisdom. The book also arrives with a 100% satisfaction guarantee,  which means that you can also return the book if you aren’t happy with the purchase.

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