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Today online media is one of the greatest mediums of businesses worldwide, in both domestic and international mediums. But every business on the face of the earth requires good and attractive marketing for the business to become successful. The best way a business can be marketed is through an engaging, well utilized and easy to access website. In this article, we will talk about a program that will allow us to build such attractive and useful websites. 

Building a website from the ground up is never an easy job to do even for coders who have been doing it for years on end. Hiring coders will not always satisfy the consumer as the taste of both parties might not match. Recruiting dozens of coders, programmers, designers, and copywriters are sure to make your pockets empty. When the website is made and there is a slight chance that you might not even like it, adding frustration along with your empty pockets.

The solution to this problem lies in one word, Kartra. Kartra is the ultimate solution for all your online website needs. It gives you all the tools you need to create a website with minimum effort. It allows YOU to produce your website in a way that YOU desire. 

Everything you need to know about Kartra

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Kartra provides you with a selection of vital mechanisms that will help you build your website and be open to businesses properly without any complexities. The entire thing will be united in an individual stage. 

Mike Filsaime along with Andy Jenkins were the innovators of such a system that allowed such easy drag and drop style of website building. Mike and Andy are also two very well-known promoters who had famously begun the journey of WebinarJam. A prime tool for seminars conducted on the internet, also known as webinars. 

Kartra is similar to WebinarJam but at the same time a lot different from it. It adds more interesting tools and has a much more advanced user interface. 

The development of Kartra

Mike and Andy primarily developed the software of Kartra but they were helped tremendously by a legend in the advertising business, Frank Kern. Frank Kern has provided Kartra with workshops and coaching components which could cost up to $1000 if they were attended in person which will now be available with a subscription to Kartra. 

Understand business but not coding?

Many people are typhoons in the world of business but coding isn’t on their list of skills. Well, Kartra is the perfect platform for you to design your webpages just the way you want them. Kartra offers an easy to use drag and drop system that allows you to create your webpages easily. Tools such as adding shopping carts, email retailing, web hosting and split testing are also available with Kartra and absolutely no coding or programming skills are needed.

How Kartra works 

Page Builder: Kartra uses templates that their designers have already created and those templates are just a drag and drop away from being on your website. The time it takes to build a page from absolutely nothing is minor. With a dedicated library for photos to be used for your website, hundreds of various icons make your website look more charming with coherent use of rows and columns. All of these tools and usefulness of Kartra amount to more sales for your websites which means more income for you. 

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Split Testing: In this method, multiple versions of a single website can be tested against each other to see which version suits the website most. The engine Kartra uses for split testing is unique and extremely compelling. You can test hundreds of models for your website with split testing. Changing titles, images, layouts or even articles is possible just to compare and see what suits your needs the best. Other systems will only allow you to test with one split test at a time, limiting your capabilities and taking more of your time. 

Email Marketing: Kartra has an amazing marketing system that also uses emails as a prime medium. Kartra has the ability to directly send emails to your inbox rather than updates, spam or notifications folder. You can create a diverse set of emails to promote your business website. From artistic designs to just plain writing, both are available and up to your choice alone. But the features don’t end here. You can add a changing countdown clock to your email and give clients more incentives to buy giving them lucrative offers for a limited time.

Video Hosting: In your Karta website you can add videos directly for the viewers to watch them from the website rather than going to a third-party website and watching from there. Also, vast amounts of information is provided of how the videos are doing and when the consumers stop watching it. 

E-commerce on Kartra: The main idea to use Kartra for your website is for you to make money off of it. Along with physical products you can also sell an array of digital products on Kartra from e-books to apps. 

How much does a Kartra subscription cost?

With all of its benefits, you might think Kartra will cost you about a thousand at least monthly but that is not the case. With so many tools in your hands and a vast library of workshops to teach you the mechanisms of the system to help you create websites just the way you want them made, Kartra’s base prices start at just under $900 annually. There is a total of 5 packages available for Kartra. They are Starter, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. Each has the same features but the amounts you get to use them vary on your subscription making Kartra the ultimate tool for all your website needs and that too in one sole stand. 

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Final thoughts

Kartra has proven itself as a better alternative to any other website creator on the market. While Kartra does all the work for you on your website you can just sit back and relax and put all your efforts on the business itself. 

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