What is Kartra?

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The word Kartra might not bring anything at all to your mind if you hear someone pronounce it. Is it a bird or a plane? Is it “art” or the baby of programmer? It is hard to believe the first statement questioning its existence and yet very hard to not believe the second statement. It is a tool that combines digital marketing and E-commerce in such a way that it is hard to enclose it within one tag line.  

I’ll make sure you get to know what Kartra truly is and to do that, Let’s get you on board with what vision enabled its creation. 

Commerce – Totally Connected.

We have hopes for this to be the main engine of your business and in order for your business to grow, we will make sure everything is connected and completely aware of the status and performance for that Kartra will.

Publish shockingly sexy looking Web Pages

In order to make sure that you capture traffic onto email lists, and so that you can register these users to Live Events and Webinars, make connected Funnels. Do all kinds of Product Launches and also track anyone that arrives on your page until they enter your membership site. Have options for dragging and dropping your layout, customize and create your own color palette, add your wonderful content and showcase it proudly.

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Create Email Sequencing and Automated Follow-Up Messages according to their behavior and your intentions

Kartra is one such tech tool that once you wield it, you’ll wonder how you have not and continued to live ignorantly thus far. The communication flexibility of Kartra in one word is Epic! We started with the idea of “React to Anything” and continuing on that concept, we added “IF/THEN/AND/ELSE-STATUS-TAG” designed to customize the treatment of each and every user, visitor and subscriber. 

To help you better understand this feature, you can create such reaction logic from a visual drag and drop flow chart-

IF they are users of THIS product AND have not watched the video related to it AND also have not opened yesterday’s Email, THEN send them THIS email that sends them to THIS Kartra published Page AND show them THIS video.”

Now that may be mind boggling and quite fascinating or perhaps even creepy to some extent but, the main point is that Kartra allows you to string an incredible amount of statements together. The exact number may be “Over 9000!” but whatever it is the result shall be a set of “Automations” that will react according to the visitor’s activity for an indefinite amount of time.

Now how can Kartra do all that? The answer is simple, it is “Connected”. All the systems of Kartra are connected and so it knows!

Host and Display your Videos

Kartra allows you to create attention devouring marketing videos and string them together in order to create a unique experience for your visitor. Kartra’s designed video player tracks user’s behavior, tags that activity, and allows you to create an intelligent reply in your next message. Thus, when you’re visitor finishes one video, you can email them another one of the same series.  If someone leaves one video without finishing it, you can active a trigger email that reminds them to watch the entire video. Creation of Overlays, Watermark, video session redirects, playlists, showcase interactive buttons and social shares for unlocking and email capture forms- and all of these are possible from a Kartra designed video player. 

As you can see, I have started to dig deeper into the features of Kartra as you progress into this blog. However, as excited as I am, this blog isn’t meant to look like a brochure, so I’ll apply self restraints and move on, however before I do, I’ll tell you about a few more key features. 

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Kartra GETS the MONEY.

It has great tools for the execution of transactions. From creation of subscription, it allows free trials without credit card, unique system of payments i.e. 3 payments of $X per year or decreasing/ increasing amount of recurring billing, auto retry for failed credit card and also back up credit card in order to ensure uninterrupted services and last but not least, allowing multiple credit cards for big payments. It also has the option for multiple options for payments like PayPal, Braintree, NMI, Cross-sells etc.

Kartra Manages and Tracks Affiliates

It has an incredible, 2-Tier Affiliate Management and tracking features.  Ranging from features like sign-up pages, Email Communications, commissions that are customized for VIP affiliates, public and/or private Affiliate programs, Leader board pages, tax filings, Swipe file, Media Kit Hosting, Management of payments and Bookkeeping, Affiliate Dashboard Hosting (For more than one product) etc and much more! All will be provided to you by Kartra.

Kartra Manages Your Customers

Kartra has a highly efficient, analyzed and data rich customer management center and help desk. You can receive and manage customer support tickets, create knowledge base and also have total access to everything your customer has done in the Kartra system.  The access includes but is not limited to the emails they have opened, videos they have watched, carts abandoned, products they bought, each login they create and contact history.

Kartra Delivers your Digital Content, Securely.

Kartra helps you create membership portals for your products, host all your video and audio trainings, Cheat-Sheets, Check-Lists, eBooks, PDF Docs, Zip Files etc. You can drop your content at specific time, interact with your users, keep track of their progress, also give them upgrades and give special offers. 

Now, if I was to tell you that whatever I have ranted on so far can but only scratch the surface of Kartra’s potential but yet, the main point of this blog is to let you know that Kartra stands for one thing and one thing only. It is everything you might need to start a new business online. Your guide, your friend, your tool, your lamp, it shall be anything and everything you ask of it.

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