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What is AdSense

The world has already seen the rise of bloggers and publishers on the web but with their growth came the emergence of a vast array of advertising programs, Google’s AdSense is the most popular of its kind. 

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AdSense allows its users, essentially webmasters or bloggers to liquidate their traffic to legal tender. In laymen terms, it enables its users to make money from advertising through some quick simple steps. Annually, AdSense’s users are often individually paid to over $50 by Google from a portion of its revenue from AdWords. AdSense was launched midway from the start of 2003 and its ads are presented differently from how it was back in 2003 which was mostly a pictorial representation. AdSense, however, displays its ads as texts which helped it to establish its current popularity in the market as it makes it more viewer-friendly and less intrusive. It also helped with achieving optimal speeds of loading pages.

When using AdSense, ad codes are installed to different sites which later ensure that ads are being displayed on these sites respective to the content present, raising the chances of its viewer to purchase whatever product being advertised. For instance, advertising home decor besides an article on interior designing instead of an unrelated topic is more persuasive to the site’s visitor. This happens when the site owners insert an HTML into their sites to make ads relevant to the content of the site show up at their designated areas. 

How is it used? 

To use AdSense one must first register using Google’s AdWords. The first step to using Adsense is planting ad codes or Javascript codes on to your sites and selecting where you want your ads to be displayed. This means your ad spaces are now accessible and ready. After which your advertisers who are willing to advertise on your sites participate in an auction. This is a genuine live auction where advertisers partake in bidding. Here, they bid on specific keywords and the ads with the highest pay show up on your site. The aforementioned keywords are of course imperative to how AdSense functions. These keywords are not just what the advertisers bid on but they also have other roles. They are also used when AdSense robots pair up these keywords that have been entered into Google with websites with available ad spaces. If the keywords entered find their match on a site then AdSense will allow these ads to appear on that site thereby making sure that the ads are relatable to the content of the websites.  

AdSense pays its users on a pay-per-click (PPC) and revenue sharing basis so the average amount a user gets paid with every click is hard to determine, especially when other factors come into play. One of the major factors would be the competition amongst the advertisers. The advertisers bid different amounts and in certain instances due to demand that maybe present they will have to pay more. When advertisers decide to pay more, AdSense, which is a cost-per-click (CPC) program, also pays you more for every click. 

With that said, there are ways to increase your AdSense income and these ways are often found in the advantages and in the use of the tools of AdSense that are already accessible to its users. 

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Advantages of using AdSense:

  1. AdSense guarantees a plethora of banner sizes and advertising formats which allows it to appeal to a larger audience and can increase the CTR (click through rate). Ad formats include HTML, text, images, video ads and many more. 
  2. The advertisement method is inexpensive and is provided for by Google.
  3. AdSense is also user-friendly so it is very easy to use.
  4. One does not have to possess any product to use AdSense to generate revenue through advertisement. Therefore smaller websites are highly benefited from it. 
  5. Not redirecting viewers to websites surrounded with infamy are also helpful in increasing AdSense income. 
  6. The numbers of ads that can appear are customizable so webmasters abstain from cramming their sites with advertisements in order to attract more visitors. This practice helps to increase your ad income as well. 
  7. Google takes many cautionary steps to prevent and track down false clicks when using AdSense. It also safeguards and maintains top level security and endorses clarity. In events of suspicion about artificial clicks it will suspend your account.
  8. AdSense is free and does not need separate expenses or any investment to be set up. It only requires account approval.
  9. AdSense also makes for the least time consuming advertising program since it does need any maintenance or long periods of staring at your screen. You need to check it daily but only once to verify its performance. 
  10.  It is a reputable program which clears its user off any involvement with any form of profanity which is why it is so highly rated. 
  11.  Good user experience is also one of AdSense’s selling points since the ads can be made mobile friendly and responsive and majority of the people are dominant smart phone users. 
  12.  Web guidlines are also provided by Google on proper installment and placing of ads to draw in more visitors.

AdSense has useful tools such as WordPress tools or marketing tools and other additions that include: AdSense income calculators, AdSense and blogging courses, etc.

The best way to maximize your advertising revenue could be increasing the amount of traffic to your websites. With larger volumes of traffic you can earn more using AdSense but that also requires sufficient content and quality control. Ergo, it is important to commit to topics and content you love and know a good deal about. 

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AdSense has time again proved highly beneficial to both small bloggers and renowned publishers. Websites enriched with quality content with over 20 pages, in particular, have noted its productivity and efficiency. Their success is documented in the case studies of AdSense’s website and tells us what the proper use of this program can amount to. 

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