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Don’t Become Distracted by the Shiny Object Syndrome!

Don’t Become Distracted by the Shiny Object Syndrome!

Every day there are new products being launched in the Internet Marketing space and newbie internet marketers are falling foul of this new trend. The trend I am talking about is “SOS – Shiny Object Syndrome” it has the ability to seize one’s fancy and interest in such a way that we get side-tracked and go off in different directions instead of concentrating on the main objective. No matter how lucrative the offer is, don’t become distracted by the Shiny Object Syndrome.

The end result of shiny object syndrome is that a lot of things get started, but nothing ever gets completed. Also, numerous hours and dollars are lost in the search of the next shiny object without having due thought as to whether the process, service or product is a good fit for the business.

As business owners we need to be able, to rapidly filter through the sea of ideas and only select those that are right to work on.

Here are some steps I use to control this “disorder” and stay on track.

Take a “Time Out” Before Starting Anything

Take a

This is one of those things that I have to keep remembering over and over again. When an idea pops into your head, pause. Don’t do it straight away. It doesn’t matter whether the idea is just doing some tweets or redoing your keywords – both ideas can wait.

Setting some time aside to consider your concept and if you should implement it. If after your designated time you still think the idea is good and will help your business, then make plans to execute it. Otherwise, leave it on the log and don’t fret about it.

Decide on an effective time period, when considering concepts to implement.

Document all your ideas

Note down every idea that you see throughout the day. When something new catches your attention put it in your log and then as soon as possible return to whatever you were doing before.

The problem with these ideas is that we think they suddenly are top priority and because of that, they need to be implemented straight away and therefore need your full attention. Writing them down means you can stop worrying about them and review them later on in the day.

There are two methods to try and help reduce the distraction, one is to set aside sometime in the day to brainstorm new ideas. The second is to have a weekly plan of activities, this way you can focus on your current tasks without being distracted.

Long Term Strategy

Now that you have a log of ideas, it is time to weigh up whether they are genuinely worth consideration. In order to do this, you have to look at them in the context of your long term strategy and ask the question “Does this idea align with my business goals?” if the answer is yes, then proceed. If not, then put it back into the bucket and revisit it later on.

Some of your ideas may need other things to be accomplished before they themselves can be implemented. For the time being if something is urgent, why not try outsourcing the task, that way you can continue working towards your business targets.

Key Decisions

Long term business objectives are not something that should be attempted on a day to day basis. Having extended periods i.e. 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, etc. will help show the direction you want to take the business.

Key Decisions

Taking strategic business decisions based on the specific daily situation is unlikely to lead you to your business goals. Writing a complete plan with targets for your business will help you stay focused and resolute in the long term.

How To Not Get Distracted and Keeping On Track With Yourself

How To Not Get Distracted and Keeping On Track With Yourself

When it comes to making money online, the basic reality is that most marketers are constantly searching for the next big thing or the next big money-making opportunity. Because of this, people suffering from bright shiny object syndrome never finish anything they start.

Obviously, there are new ideas, new processes and even new companies and “systems” that are worthy of our pursuit and use, however, utilizing the new and abandoning the old simply in the belief that the new holds the “secret” is what is bad.

The key difference in looking for a better way and bright shiny object syndrome is, “will this help my current business or am I just moving on once again”. As an internet marketer myself, I’m always looking for something new that will help me help improve my business (not something that will replace my business).

Always looking for the latest, greatest, biggest or newest opportunity is simply human nature. Failure to control this human desire is what keeps many from success.

Contrary to what is being sold to you by many of the “gurus”, making money online is hard work. There are systems and methods that make it easier but there really isn’t a push-button system that will make you rich. You can, however, get rich on from marketing on the internet if you find a workable system and you actually stick with it and “work” at it.

What can you do to avoid bright shiny object syndrome?

What can you do to avoid bright shiny object syndrome?

The key to avoiding bright shiny object syndrome is to ask yourself this question: “Will this ‘object’ help me to make money doing what I am doing now or will it replace what I am doing now and cause me to start over? In other words, does it compliment what I am doing or replace it.

When asking this question, the answer may not be clear to you, especially if you are a noobie. (While bright shiny object syndrome tends to affect all internet marketers, it is nearly an incurable disease with those just starting out).

Don’t get caught up in the hype. People selling courses or systems or methodologies are great at pumping you up and making you believe the answer to all your problems lies in what they are selling.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, in order to not get distracted by the Shiny Object Syndrome, you need to run the idea through the above steps. Following the steps will help your business move forward to your ultimate goals.

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