SEM Rush

SEMrush for Digital Marketing Professionals

All digital marketing professionals know how important quality marketing toolkits are. Without it, we would spend endless hours trying to gather and analyze data without reaching much success. Luckily now we have tools like SEMrush that can catapult us to the top of our industry. Let’s take a deeper look at all the need-to-knows about SEMrush and how it can assist digital marketing professionals.

What is SEMrush?

SEMrush is a revolutionary all-in-one toolkit designed for digital marketers. It includes all of the essential tools that you need to successfully run marketing campaigns and develop marketing strategies. SEMrush incorporates 28 advanced tools that work in synchronicity to deliver you the ultimate results.

At the time of writing this article (July 2019), SEMrush has over 4 million users worldwide, more than 800 million keywords in their database with more than 100 geodatabases and over 130 million domains. Digital marketing revolves greatly around figures, and these are some serious figures.

In their all-in-one packages, they include essential management tools for SEO, paid traffic, social media, content, PR and market research. What they offer in these areas will be discussed in more detail later on.

These quality tools have earned SEMrush some big client names like eBay, SEObook and Overstock and even these big-shot companies highly recommend SEMrush as a digital marketing tool.

What Does SEMrush offer?

SEMrush prides themselves on the fact that they offer an all-inclusive package with everything a digital marketer needs to boost their performance and be successful in the highly competitive industry. Here are some more details on what they offer in their plans:

  • SEO

The SEO tools are advanced enough to serve an SEO professional with a complete workflow. You can run technical SEO audits, track positioning, get free ideas for increasing your organic traffic, gain competitive tips and insight, advanced problem-solving solutions and backlinking audits and analytics. You can also track your keywords and analyze your site’s crawlability, site performance, and internal linking.

  • Paid Traffic

These are to manage and analyze your paid traffic, like Google Pay per Click (PPC). You can improve your PPC performance so that you get more out of your ad spent. The SEMrush tools can help you with this by analyzing the competition, finding ad keywords, managing your keywords, negative optimization, campaign analysis, as well as tracking benchmarks of your PPC cost.

  • Social Media

Use the SEMrush tools to increase your social media strategies so that you can expand your reach and grow your audience. The tools offer you the ability to take a peek at what strategies your competitors are using on social media as well as add benchmarks to your performance. You can also keep track of what content performs the best, do your scheduling and posting on up to 5 social media networks, get more reach through boosting your posts. Also, all of this can be done on a Chrome extension.

  • Content and PR

For any website or business, it is vital that you create high-quality content that invokes engagement and great marketing results. SEMrush helps you create the content you need by analyzing your content’s performance. It also generates trending topics so that you can create content accordingly, you can create a shared calendar for creators and editors as well as analyze your brand performance on search engines and social media platforms.

  • Market Research

Takes you deeper into the market and gives you a look at the competitor’s strategies. This aspect will help you find new opportunities and thereby giving you the edge you need. You can also see your competitor’s traffic analytics. You can gather data on new sales and leads, as well as discover some of the best performing marketing techniques. 

Why do I Need SEMrush?

As mentioned above, digital marketing is one of the most competitive industries out there. This is because effective digital marketing can lead to some serious growth in audience and in sales. As you can imagine, there are some big companies who will pay some serious money to get ahead of their competition. This is money well spent if you think of the amount of value that is being added to a business if they increase their reach, their audience and their sales with 10% or 20% for example.

SEMrush just simplifies the entire digital marketing process by analyzing the feedback and by predicting what could have a high success ratio.

SEMrush is great for e-commerce business. It boosts your e-store by helping you practice high-quality search engine optimization and social media marketing. It also drives more traffic to your store by optimizing your paid advertising as well as your organic searches. On top of that, it has great management for team projects.

Any enterprise can benefit from having a toolkit like this. You can be very bold in your enterprise pursuits because SEMrush will be there to guide you along a viable route. To start or expand your business you can use SEMrush to gather geodatabases and databases specific to an industry.

SEMrush Pricing

As always you have an option here of being billed monthly or being billed annually. If you choose the annual option you will save a considerable amount in the long term. The prices below are on the annually billed system. You can add about 10% if you wish to be billed monthly.

  • Pro – $83.28 per month

This is the entry level package for those who are just starting their digital marketing pursuit. For a limited budget, this will get you up and running in the most affordable way. This price includes everything discussed above, so SEO, SMM, PPC, and content.

  • Guru – $166.62 per month

This package is for the most established marketing agencies. It includes everything included in the pro version and on top of that, it includes a branded report, historical data, and extended limits.

  • Business – $333.28

Here is a package for big companies with a high web presence and high competition like e-commerce stores. This includes everything included in the Guru package with extras like white label reports, API access, extended limits and sharing options as well as Google Data Studio integration.

  • Enterprise

Here you get to work out a custom plan that suits your needs. It also included on-site training and other add-on features.