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When and Where to Use Clickfunnels

When it comes down to it, there are a lot of ways to make money from ClickFunnels. However, it all depends on which method you prefer and where to apply that method. 

A Very Basic Idea Of What ClickFunnels Is

I’m going to start by answering the big question of what exactly is ClickFunnels. So ClickFunnels is a software that helps entrepreneurs build profitable online businesses and sell more of their products and services. 

Who Is ClickFunnels For?

  • If you’re someone who wants to make money from your computer from the comfort of your home then ClickFunnels is probably for you. 
  • Even if you are someone who already has a business but wants to scale it online, then this is for you too. 
  • Now if you don’t know anything about entrepreneurship or you know building websites and stuff like that then ClickFunnels is definitely for you.

Where To Use ClickFunnels

So why is ClickFunnels different from any other website builder? This is a big difference and I want to show you a popular website as an example.

Take a look at Canon’s website and try to understand why old traditional websites don’t work anymore when it comes to selling their products. One of the first things to notice on Canon’s website is that they are missing a lead capturing funnel. They should either be capturing an email so they can follow up with the person that actually visited. Or they should just be selling their product on their homepage and they are not doing such a great job with that.

As you can see, it is filled with pictures of cameras alongside some tabs. Now what most people do when they come to this type of website, is they scroll around, they look at some pictures, click on a tab or two and then they leave.

But as an entrepreneur who is trying to build a sustainable profitable online business, you know we have to be capturing those leads. Anyone who lands on our page should be giving us their email so we can follow up with them and say something like: 

“Hey! We saw that you visited our website, you should check out our new product here.”’ 

But on Canon’s homepage, they are just confusing the customer. Not having a lead capture page could lead to missing out on potential customers who want to spend money. As they just don’t know where to go and what to click on.

When To Use ClickFunnels

So that is the point of ClickFunnels and basically, the major basis of their business is like guiding people to take action. They either leave the website or they provide an email.

This is a good example of what a decent landing page looks like. As you can see this landing page does not have many tabs that link it elsewhere. There is just one button in the middle of the page which says 

‘’Free Training Reveals a Powerful Viral System that generates $250+ a day on Autopilot. BONUS: How To Use This [System] To Buy The Car You Desire’” 

So someone who’s visiting this page obviously is interested in making money online or building an online business so that’s exactly what I provide to them on this home page. So once they click the button, they either leave or they click the button. When they click the button they’re gonna put in their email. 

So as you can see I put in my name and my email and as I’m going to press this button, it will take me to the next page. 

Now, this is exactly what a sales funnel looks like. So it’s very targeted and has specific actions to get the visitor taking an action or leaving. 

So now we’ve collected their email and we could always follow up with that person because obviously, they’re interested in the product or service. 

Just like if Canon did something like:

‘’Hey if you want a $250 discount on a camera, click here and type in your email’’ 

It’s going to take them to the next page in the funnel where maybe they have a video sales letter just like this, selling one of their cameras. 

So in this example of a video sales letter, I’m basically telling the person that they could visit my site and if they don’t want to spend six hours building a complete sales funnel I will give it to them for only $19.

So that’s exactly what this is. A sales funnel could be a video sales letter that is also doing a better job of selling the product or service and building that trust with the person who visits.

Someone can then either leave this page or go to the free training by following the link. And that is the whole basis around building a sales funnel. 

Capturing Attention

Nowadays, people have really short attention spans. We often tend to skim through things and that’s why Instagram is so popular. This is mainly because we kind of just scroll through and glance at images for two seconds and scroll to the next picture. 

And that’s exactly what it is, a goldfish has a nine-second attention span and humans now have a six-second attention span which is less than a goldfish. 

So with a ClickFunnels we are able to capture that person’s attention and get them taking an action very quickly.

As you can see here are the stats on this funnel. Even you can have these types of results. I want to first show you the profits on this in the first 15 days from  March 25th to April 8th

So it is $2,317 and that’s only half a month, this funnel will probably do somewhere around five to six thousand dollars on and profit.

This is a profitable business that I set up literally 3 months ago here on ClickFunnels. ClickFunnels is meant to help you build a profitable business and a profitable website sales funnel because traditional websites don’t work and that’s exactly why I use ClickFunnels. 

Are Other Sites Better?

I’ve used other website building services I’m not going to name them out of respect. Because you know at the time I didn’t know anything else so I used many others.

I’ve used those and the thing is is I would hop on a support call. And that support call would take about 45 minutes just to get a hold of the person.

Because I’m on such a long a wait time right and their website builder was so hard to use, I had to learn to code even though I’m not a coder. Being an entrepreneur, I need something very easy to use and ClickFunnels gave me that ability to drag and drop. 

Also whenever I do need help, I just click the “Get Help” button on the top corner of my ClickFunnels dashboard, ask my question and they respond in the next 10 to 15 minutes. Speed is the key with online marketing and building an online business and having that support team always be there. Having good customer support that is always available is something that really sold me on their service. 

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you learned a lot from this article especially when and where to use Clickfunnels. This is a great platform that helps entrepreneurs build sales funnels and sell products and services online. ClickFunnels is the only tool that provides you with all the resources to market, sell and deliver your products online. You don’t have to have a degree in IT or be this amazing website designer. All you need is a vision and this amazing tool.

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